May 14, 2021

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The high potential for the development of a depression in the Atlantic continues

It is not yet a tropical depression, but it is very close to being one. This was indicated this afternoon by the National Hurricane Center (CNH), in Miami from the perspective of the tropics of 2:00 in the afternoon about the tropical wave that is in the center of the Atlantic and has been cataloged as the Invest 95L.

This system continues to show signs of cyclonic development, although at noon today it lost a bit of the organized rain zones that were near its center.

“The rains and thunderstorm activity decreased a bit this morning, but now new activity is forming near the center of circulation of the system, "reads the bulletin.

" If these storms persist, it is likely that warnings will be launched in a tropical depression later today or tonight . Even if a depression does not form tonight, environmental conditions will be conducive to development as the system moves west-northwest at around 15 mph for the next couple of days, ”the agency advances.

If a tropical depression formed, it would be the eleventh of the season. If it manages to rise to the category of a tropical storm, it would be called Josephine.

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