April 19, 2021

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The island's drought is about to end

After the intense rains registered in August, which include those that unfolded the storms Isaías and Laura, the drought on the Island is about to end.

As published this Thursday by the report of the United States Drought Monitor , only two towns are identified in anomalous drought. These are Salinas and Guayama. These represent 2.18% of the Puerto Rican territory.

Last week 17.37% of the territory remained in an anomalous drought, which represents that the rain left by the nearby passage of Laura helped the Island a lot.

An anomalous drought means that runoff is low.

In fact, the United States Geological Survey registers for this Thursday that the well of the South Salinas Aguirre Aquifer is in "critical condition".

The measurement establishes that it is at -30.61 feet, when its minimum level is -35 feet.

The other well in poor condition is Salinas Rasa D, which is at the level of operational adjustments.

In summer, a large part of the island was located in severe drought. The second week of June was the worst moment for the Island, since 90.22% of the territory came to be in drought conditions. Meanwhile, the severe drought monopolized their largest portion of the territory, 32.19%, for the first week of July.

It was in July that the residents of San Juan, Trujillo Alto, Carolina and Canóvanas experienced rationing of drinking water, due to the poor condition of the Carraízo reservoir.

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