May 11, 2021

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The level of Carraízo rises due to the rains that fell this morning

It is rising!

The level of the Carraízo reservoir is at this time of Friday afternoon rising after the downpours that fell this morning in the lake basin and caused runoff that currently reaches the reserve.

The National Meteorological Service shared an image that shows the amount of water that fell in the municipalities that feed the reservoir.

“Estimates of rain earlier in the day. About two inches are estimated in eastern municipalities, "reported the agency through social networks.

Estimates of precipitation during the morning of July 24, according to the National Weather Service.

As the rain accumulated in the bodies of water that feed the Carraízo reservoir, the level of the lake rose, and it is at this time in the afternoon that the result of the rain begins to be seen.

In the graph from the Aqueduct and Sewer Authority this morning, the Carraízo reservoir was at a level of 37.84 meters. At 1:45 in the afternoon the level had already risen to 37.95.

To leave the level of "Operational Adjustments", the water level should reach 38.50 meters.

A new reading at 2:45 revealed that the level is already at 37.98 meters.

Carraízo is rising today due to the rains that fell in the morning.

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