May 12, 2021

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The main recreational areas of the El Yunque National Forest will reopen on July 8

The Forest Service will reopen the main recreational areas of the El Yunqu National Forest, on the PR-191 highway, known as the La Mina Recreation Area, on July 8 after closing due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a statement, it was reported that visits will be limited and visitors must use an online reservation system to secure an entry ticket for an allotted time.

The reservation system will be available starting Monday, July 6. at 10:00 am at or the mobile app. This reservation system will minimize contact between forest personnel and visitors, while limiting the number of people concentrated in the main recreational areas.

After a risk assessment to determine the visiting capacity in this area, giving Priority to the health and safety of employees and the public, it was stated that access will be limited to 130 vehicles per day, due to the current availability of operable toilets in the forest.

Reservation tickets will be free, but Recreation .gov will charge $ 2.00 to process the transaction. Visitors must show the ticket in print or digitally to enter. The person who completed the reservation must be present at the time of entering or showing the ticket. Tickets will be per vehicle, not for each person present.

The system will allow reservations to be completed 30 days in advance, a limited number of tickets will be available 24 hours in advance for last minute visits. Reservations will be available for two entry shifts, in the morning and afternoon. Reservations will only be for the La Mina Recreation Area, on PR-191, they are not necessary to visit the dispersed areas of the forest. The reservation system will not apply to already authorized commercial operations.

Visitors are encouraged to follow established security protocols, using face masks, maintaining social distance, picking up and taking away their trash, and parking in the places indicated in the forest.

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