March 7, 2021

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The Mayor of Guánica: "We have re-lived the earthquake of January 7"

“We have re-lived what was the earthquake of January 7.”

In this way, the mayor of Guánica, Santos “Papichy” Seda, described the environment left by the quake of 4.8 that was recorded this morning in the southeastern tip of his municipality.

Although at the moment no new structural damage has been reported Seda said that the earthquake reactivated fears that have remained dormant since the earthquakes in 5.8 of January 6 and 6.4 of January 7 this year and that caused serious damage to thousands of structures, mostly in the southwest of Puerto Rico.

“It felt like a ‘chipping hammer’ hitting on the walls, “Silk told El Nuevo Día.

According to the Seismic Network, the quake of magnitude 4.8 was felt this morning with an intensity of 5 in Guánica.

“There are no new structural damages, but people are too nervous and I include myself. It was very strong, “said Silk.

He added that” although it has not stopped shaking in Guánica, because periodically (tremors) are felt, today’s (event) has been a case similar to those of the 6th January 7. “

He related that” when these things happen at dawn I freeze. My wife pulled me and we went out. “

” On a tour that we did in the early morning, I saw people on the balconies, patios … It is very maddening to see people feeling helpless, scared, crying … it is very hard, “he explained.” It is very hard. I don’t know what’s going to happen. “

According to Silk, two families remain in Guánica in some kind of temporary shelter or shelter: one is in a wooden module in the Guánica lagoon park and the other is in the Siberia community court.

Although their homes have undergone repairs, the mayor said that these families do not trust and feel safer in the modules.

Meanwhile, these tremors come at a time when thousands of houses are on the way to Guánica. begin to be demolished or repaired.

Silk detailed that 536 houses will be completely demolished, while 1,275 will have partial demolitions or will be subject to some t type of repair.

“We are in the process of permitting for the demolition of houses. The funds are not yet in the box of the Municipality, but they are in agreement to be deposited and approved by FEMA and the government, “said Seda.

” Now we need our people to deliver the documents to the Guánica Recovery Office it takes to demolish those houses, “he added.” It is not a matter of a machine coming to be demolished. It is that you have to have all the documentation up to date to comply with these federal funds. “

Regarding municipal structures, he said that this week or the next he expects to have a final answer from the Municipality’s insurance to know if all or part will be demolished from the Guánica city hall.

“We are also pending the boardwalk because its land has sunk seven inches” he commented. “We also have to demolish the” Roberto Alberdeston “ballpark and several centers

Regarding state structures, Seda reported that the demolition of the Agripina Seda public school, which collapsed with the January 7 earthquake, is already in progress. According to the contractors, the process will take 80 days.

The mayor said that Áurea Quiles School will be demolished later. He also indicated that the Government Center building, which is steps from the Esperanza community, where the collapses of the first houses on January 6 were recorded for the demolition auction.

“What happened today is a reminder that you cannot let your guard down. We leave it in the hands of Pope God, and we take care of preparing our family plan and communication with family members. We must remain on alert, “said Seda.

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