March 5, 2021

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The Moon, Jupiter and Saturn together in conjunction this week

It can be seen with the naked eye from any part of the Island

SAPR chart

San Juan – The Astronomy Society of Puerto Rico Inc. (SAPR) reported this Wednesday that on Thursday and Friday of this week from 7:00 at night, the Moon will be in conjunction with the planets Jupiter and Saturn, something that is you can see with the naked eye from anywhere on the island.

A conjunction occurs when two or more objects in the celestial vault get close enough to each other creating the illusion that they are together even though they are separated by great distances.

“During the night of Thursday, we will be able to appreciate how our natural satellite will be several degrees away from the planet Jupiter (the largest in the Solar System and notable as a bright point without flickering), followed during Friday night by the planet Saturn (also known as The King of the Rings and notable for a fainter yellowish brilliance) ”, Jean-Pierre Bernal, treasurer of the SAPR, an organization that turns 35 this year, said in written statements.

The SAPR invites those fans of astronomy to show their astronomical photographs taken by means of cameras and telescopes through its Facebook page.

To all those who send their photos to the email address of [email protected], the corresponding credit will be given and it will be taken into account for the “Astro Virtual Gallery” that will be inaugurated soon in celebration of the 35th anniversary.

For more information about the conjunction and upcoming events in celebration of the organization’s 35th anniversary, you can visit its portal on Facebook at

Since 1985, due to the passage of Halley’s Comet, the SAPR has been in charge of promoting interest in astronomy, for the enjoyment, orientation and education of the Puerto Rican community in general.

Through astronomy, skills related to all the sciences and areas of human knowledge such as physics, chemistry, biology, higher mathematics, anthropology, sociology and even political science can be practiced.

The SAPR aspires to be the vehicle through which the knowledge of astronomy can be made viable for the community in general.

In this way, mastering the scientific knowledge related to the Cosmos we can help build the paths that will lead us to understand what we do not know about the stars, promoting the well-being of humanity.

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