June 19, 2021

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The Municipality of Añasco is closed preventively

Mayor of Añasco, Jorge Estévez Martínez. – Facebook

A municipal employee presented symptoms of coronavirus

By Cybernews

Mayor of Añasco, Jorge Estévez Martínez. – Facebook

After a municipal employee presented symptoms related to the COVID- 19 the Municipal Administration of Añasco and the Mayor Jorge Estévez Martínez made the decision on Thursday to close the Mayor's Office until next Monday.

“We have been guiding and helping our people for months, seeking to prevent the spread of this terrible virus. But today it is up to us, when a co-worker lets us know that she has the symptoms of COVID– 19 . Responsibly, I have made the decision to close the Mayor's Office and send the employees to take the COVID-19 test, " mentioned the mayor through written expressions.

About 70 municipal employees will have to have a blood test and the Mayor's Office will be disinfected, as a preventive measure.

The dependencies that will be closed are those of the Mayor's Office and federal programs. The offices that are outside the Municipal City Council will continue to work such as the Center for the Aging, the Walking Center, the Municipal Office for Emergency Management, the Department of Recreation and Sports and the Department of Public Works and Sanitation.

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