June 14, 2021

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The new governor of Puerto Rico will demand annexation to the United States

photo: Cybernews

SAN JUAN – The new governor of Puerto Rico, Pedro Pierluisi, said this Saturday that he will demand the full annexation of the Commonwealth to the United States, during the inauguration ceremony.

Pierluisi, who in addition to being a new governor is the leader of the New Progressive Party (PNP), a formation whose raison d’être is full incorporation into the United States, said that this is a claim of the Puerto Rican people and that for that reason he will not disappoint expectations.

The new head of the Puerto Rican Executive referred to the non-binding consultation on the political relationship with the United States held together with the elections of November 3, in which a total of 623,053 people, 52.3%, opted for full annexation versus 567,346, or 47.6%, who were against.

The consultation, however, lacks effective validity, since Congress in Washington is the only entity that has the power to rule on the Commonwealth, a US territory with some autonomy thanks to its own Constitution but which depends of the North American country for borders, defense or currency, among others.

“There is a lack of rights because of the -political- status that we have,” Pierluisi stressed during his speech.

“The people made a claim,” stressed the new governor, after underlining that “statehood – annexation – is fair, so we are going to demand it and achieve it.”

Pierluisi beat the candidate of the opposition Popular Democratic Party (PPD), Carlos Delgado, in November with 372,611 votes and 32% of the vote.

The ceremony held today outside the Capitol was criticized for bringing together about 400 people despite the fact that Puerto Rico is going through one of the worst moments of the pandemic caused by Covid-19.

Puerto Rico added 5 deaths and 619 additional confirmed infections due to Covid-19, according to the report from the Department of Health of the Caribbean island released this Saturday.

The figures released today bring the total number of deaths since the beginning of the pandemic to 1,526, while the infected confirmed by Covid-19 are already 73,162.

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