April 23, 2021

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The number of hospitalized by Covid-19 increases to 382 | government

The number of hospitalized for coronavirus (Covid-19) woke up today at 382, ​​an increase of 33 compared to the figure reported yesterday on the Department of Health website.

Of these 78 are in intensive and 60 are connected to fans. Both figures totaled five and three cases, respectively, compared to yesterday’s data. No pediatric patient is hospitalized for the virus.

The country’s health system has 3,080 adult beds, 215 intensive care beds, and 967 pediatric beds. There are also 772 fans available.

Meanwhile, San Juan remains the municipality with the most Covid-19 cases, adding 3,178 confirmed. Bayamón already has 1,414 infections, followed by Carolina with 1,162.

Culebra remains the municipality with the fewest positives, keeping its total at 16. Other municipalities with the lowest numbers of cases are Vieques (21), Maunabo (24), Arroyo (26), Santa Isabel (27) and Lajas ( 28).

The Health Department reported today that confirmed cases amounted to 16,101 and probable to 18,140. Meanwhile, the death toll increased to 455 after adding seven deaths.

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