March 1, 2021

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The number of hospitalized by Covid-19 rises to 354 | government

The number of people hospitalized for Covid-19 increased to 354, representing an increase of 39 in the past 24 hours, according to the Health Department website.

A minor in intensive care for more than a month remains connected to an artificial respirator. Health has only reported that it is a teenager.

Meanwhile, 54 adults are in intensive care and 28 are connected to a ventilator.

In Puerto Rico, 2,976 adult beds, 212 intensive beds and 788 ventilators are available, as well as 909 pediatric beds, 61 intensive beds and 114 pediatric ventilators.

Meanwhile, 39 municipalities have a positivity rate greater than 10%, another 29 have a positivity between 5% and 9.9%, and seven have between 3% and 5%.

The municipalities of Yauco, Vieques and Culebra maintain a positivity rate of less than 3%. Culebra is the municipality with the fewest reported cases since the emergency began in March, with 17.

The Health Department today reported five deaths, 314 confirmed cases and 316 probable cases. There are now 26,326 confirmed cases since the emergency began in March, while the probable cases amount to 26,566.

The total of reported deaths amounts to 720, of which 541 are confirmed and 179 are probable.

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