April 16, 2021

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The peak hurricane season begins with the effects of Josephine on the Island

At the beginning this Saturday of the peak hurricane season, Puerto Rico would experience dangerous maritime conditions as one of the effects that tropical storm Josephine would generate in the region, reported the advisory coordinator of the National Meteorological Service, meteorologist Ernesto Morales.

Already between tomorrow, Sunday and early Monday, the rain associated with the system would arrive. Between one to three inches of precipitation is predicted, the expert detailed

Josephine will not be a cyclone that would directly affect Puerto Rico. At its closest point, it would pass 300 miles northeast of the island tomorrow.

"The system is quite far away" Morales specified.

According to the report issued by the National Hurricane Center at 5:00 am, the storm would not affect any Caribbean territory. By Monday it would turn into depression. Weakened, it could affect Bermuda by Thursday.

Josephine's greatest impact on the Island will be due to the rough seas that it would generate from tonight, with waves of between five to seven feet, mainly in offshore waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Due to these conditions, from tonight until tomorrow afternoon, Sunday, a warning for small boat operators will take effect.

The rain associated with Josephine would arrive in the afternoon of tomorrow towards Monday morning. [19659002] “We are talking between one to three inches. It is a finite system, it does not have many tails and it is moving fast ”, he pointed out.

However, Josephine comes to remind Puerto Ricans at this beginning of the season that the Island is in the path of these tropical systems that leave from Africa.

Morales pointed out that for next week no system is in sight, but he warned that one must be very aware of all the waves that come out from Africa. This is because all of them could have a high potential for cyclonic development.

He urges the public to be aware of our forecast, that we are the official source ”, he pointed out.

The end of the peak season of Hurricanes end on October 15. However, the end of the season is reported at the end of November.

On the other hand, for this Saturday heavy downpours are expected for the interior and west of the Island. These would be formed by the combination of the available humidity and the local effects.

It is not ruled out that light downpours will be recorded in the south of the metropolitan area.

Temperatures, meanwhile, will hover in the low 90 degrees Fahrenheit on the coasts and in the middle 80 degrees in the mountains.

The heat index, which is the human sensation of these temperatures, could be around 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

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