May 12, 2021

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The percentage of positivity in molecular tests of COVID-19 reaches 13.84 according to the Secretary of Health

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SAN JUAN – The Secretary of the Department of Health, Carlos Mellado López, called on the public on Monday to be prudent and to follow the prevention protocols against COVID-19 to avoid contagion.

The request occurs at a time when the percentage of positivity in molecular tests reaches 13.84 percent, placing Puerto Rico at a high transmission level during the past seven consecutive days.

“To say that Puerto Rico ranks first in the highest positivity rate in the United States is incorrect. However, we are at a high level of community transmission, which leads us to make adjustments as we have been doing to protect life and slow down infections. Given this result, we are increasing the amount of molecular tests throughout the Island, in order to identify the carrier of the virus and to obtain an updated epidemiological photo. But the most important thing is that citizens help us to stop the virus, ”said Mellado López in a written statement.

According to statistics from the Department of Health, the number of molecular tests carried out on the island from March to date amounts to 1,928,745. Of which 107,884 thousand tests were positive for the virus.

As he explained, positivity measures the percentage of positive tests of the total tests carried out in a period of seven days. The highest positivity rate during the pandemic occurred between November to December 2020. Period in which more than 10,000 daily tests were performed daily.

“We have seen that the percent of positive cases has increased. Particularly in young people and adults under 40 years of age, which occupies us in implementing strategies as we have been doing to prevent infections and detect positive cases in time. We keep monitoring the data and we will be synchronizing them with the Federal Department of Health and the CDC so that they have the most accurate data possible, ”said the official.

Salud is monitoring and analyzing the risk level of community transmission to be in a better position to establish health recommendations.

Health Report for this Monday

The Health report this Monday reported seven deaths from COVID-19, while 977 confirmed cases, 391 probable and 913 additional suspects were registered, for a total of 2,281 new positive cases in tests to detect the coronavirus, in samples taken since the 3 until April 17, 2021.

531 people are hospitalized, 22 more than in Sunday’s report. Among those hospitalized there are 476 adult patients, 13 more than the day before. There are 55 pediatric cases, nine more than in Sunday’s report.

In intensive there are 89 adult patients, three less than the day before, and four pediatric cases, the same number as on Saturday.

While there are 60 adult patients on ventilator, five less than in Sunday’s report. There are also two pediatric patients on ventilator, the same number as the day before.

In total there are 2,207 reported deaths from Covid-19, seven more than in Sunday’s report.

The reporting of deaths may vary as the processes of registration and codification of the causes of death are carried out, which could take several days.

For more information, you can access it through the website of the Department of Health. Look at the Covid-19 data in Puerto Rico

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