April 19, 2021

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The positivity rate on the island increases | government

In the midst of the rebound in cases due to the novel coronavirus in Puerto Rico, the Johns Hopkins University registered on its board that the island currently reaches 8.04% in its positivity rate.

El País, according to the information that provided by this educational entity, it is among the regions and territories with the highest positivity rates in the United States. Other states, such as Mississippi and Florida —with 13.80% and 13.55%, respectively— appear on the list with a high rate of positivity to Covid-19.

Similarly, Texas is on the same list with 12.13% and Nevada with 11.24% positivity.

Thus, the Health Department board reported yesterday that there are already 27,713 confirmed and probable cases accumulated since the pandemic began in Puerto Rico. And deaths reach 346.

Last week the Secretary of Health, Lorenzo González, had said that Puerto Rico was "close to 7%" and "below 8%" in its positivity rate. Similarly, Johns Hopkins had reported that this percentage reached 6.94%.

Both the percentage from last week and the one recorded yesterday do not meet the requirements recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) for that the commercial reopening and other activities of economic interest be allowed. To meet these metrics, countries and their regions must be at 5% for 14 consecutive days, according to experts.

González has reiterated that this percentage is subject to the number of tests to detect the virus that are performed in the Isla.

“It is important to recognize that this positivity, this number, is now affected by a phenomenon that we have said, which is the decrease in the availability of tests (of Covid-19),” González said in an interview with EL VOCERO at that time.

In order to offer a percentage that gives greater accuracy, he indicated, 4,500 tests are needed daily. In Puerto Rico, about 3,000 tests are performed every day, González pointed out.

What does this number measure?

According to the WHO, the positivity rate is defined as the number of confirmed cases among the number of tests -in this case of Covid-19- carried out.

Meanwhile, the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) maintains that this percentage is a key factor to understand the behavior and study the evolution of the pandemic in a region.

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