May 14, 2021

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The president of the UIPR Board of Trustees dies

The president of the Inter-American University of Puerto Rico, Mr. Manuel J. Fernós, reported today the death of the president of the Board of Trustees of the institution, the engineer Dennis W. Hernández Santiago, as notified by Mr. Felipe Piazza, interim president of the organization.

“The engineer Hernández Santiago was part of the Board of Trustees for the past twenty-three years, of which, the last seven years he held the presidency of the body. Through its leadership, the Board underwent a great transformation, achieving greater efficiency and effectiveness for the benefit of the University, "said Mr. Fernós in writing.

From a young age, the engineer Hernández Santiago stood out in the performance of his profession by holding the presidency of the College of Engineers and Surveyors of Puerto Rico and the secretariat of the Department of Transportation and Public Works during the early years of the 1970s. Subsequently, he founded and established his successful company, DWH Group, through the which developed important residential projects around the Island and the Caribbean for more than four decades.

In the field of education, Hernández Santiago, also made important contributions to the country by joining the then Higher Education Council and chairing the Board of Directors of the Evangelical Seminary of Puerto Rico.

Last May, the Board of Trustees of the Institution apr issued the designation of the building that houses the facilities of the Engineering School of the Bayamón Campus with the name of Engineer Dennis W. Hernández Santiago in recognition and tribute to his successful professional and personal career.

“Although the departure of the engineer Hernández leaves us with a great void, the best way to honor his memory is to give continuity to his transformation agenda to ensure the avant-garde education that characterizes Inter ”, concluded Mr. Fernós, who extended to the family the solidarity and empathy of the entire university community in this moment of pain. As a posthumous tribute, the University flags will fly at half-staff for days.

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