June 15, 2021

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The probability of more closings increases by Covid-19 | PRESENT

At a time when there is an increasing trend in the number of infections, deaths and hospitalizations due to Covid-19, the probability that more closings of public and private places will occur due to confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus increases. [19659002] This week, announcements about municipal and public and private agency closings have been the order of the day. Also churches, casinos, restaurants and government offices have had to be closed for disinfection after an employee or customer tested positive for Covid-19.

In an interview with EL VOCERO the doctor of public health José Antonio Torres stated that within the measures announced by the government to contain the spread of Covid-19 cases, it is necessary to highlight the importance of avoiding closed places. "If you don't touch that part of avoiding contact, avoiding the conglomerate and avoiding closed places, everything will continue to increase," he said. Yesterday, the governor announced the closing of bars, cinemas and discotheques, among others; it reduced the number of customers in restaurants and stopped public transportation services until July 31.

Torres recalled expressions made by the former general surgeon of the United States, Antonia Coello de Novello, when she said that in Puerto Rico it was necessary to eliminate "The three c", which are places where there is a lot of contact, where there is a lot of conglomerate and which are closed.

"The places that are closed have the peculiarity that for some reason the air conditioning does that it recirculates. What this means is that there is no new air intake. It is merely that the air recirculates and if there are people who are infected later, they will share and the virus will stay in the air conditioning and it will infect them, "he stressed.

After the governor's announcement about adjustments in the executive order due to the upturn in cases, Torres added that “in reality I would not focus so much on activities that are outdoors, but would be more concerned with what happens in closed places, government offices and in shopping malls and supermarkets, where people are crowding together. ”

For these purposes, he said that airport control should be improved and a slightly more refined strategy should be used. In addition, he considers that work should be done on the purchase of more tests for detection of Covid-19 to do them on a massive level and improve contact tracing.

Yesterday afternoon, the executive director of the Public Buildings Authority (AEP), Melitza López Pimentel, announced that an office located in the basement of the north tower of the Government Center in Minillas was evicted after learning of a conservation area employee who tested positive for Covid-19.

" Upon learning of the existence of a positive, we activated our protocol to avoid exposing the rest of the staff to the infected employee, "said López Pimentel, who said that the other areas and offices located in the north tower have been working normally and that the cleaning and disinfection process began.

Likewise, the mayor of Barceloneta, Wanda Soler Rosario, announced the closure of the administrative office of the Center for Single Labor Management (CGUL) in this mun icipio, because an employee tested positive for Covid-19.

"We learned that an employee told us that she felt bad and after administering the test confirmed that she tested positive for coronavirus," explained Soler, who assured that the established protocols were complied with and the disinfection of the offices was coordinated.

In addition, the Mayor's Office of Añasco will remain closed until next Monday after a municipal employee presented symptoms related to Covid-19. Likewise, the Catacumba 5 church in this municipality will remain closed for two weeks, while the results of the Covid-19 screening test carried out on employees after a pastor are positive for the novel disease.

for his part, the mayor of Comerío, Josian Santiago, announced on social networks the recess of municipal operations until July 31 —in non-essential tasks— in the midst of the present emergency by Covid-19.

"Meanwhile , municipal brigades will continue disinfection tasks, we will continue the garbage collection, the distribution of masks and many other administrative and service jobs, "said Santiago.

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