April 16, 2021

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The Puerto Rican Sato Party is born

By celebrating National Dog Day worldwide today, the Pet Friendly Puerto Rico organization took the opportunity to announce the launch of a new political party: Partido Sato Puertorriqueño .

Therefore, the Sato Puerto Rican Party nominated Lupita as a “candidate for the governorship”, a Sata dog, rescued from the streets of Guayama, who was lucky enough to be adopted by a Puerto Rican family. Unfortunately, that is not the fortune shared by the nearly 400,000 dogs that are estimated to be found on the streets of Puerto Rico.

“This initiative is born from the desire and hope that the candidates for governor, once and for all , take animal welfare seriously beyond your political campaigns. Therefore, the Pet Friendly PR team was given the task of drafting a complete platform for animal welfare with proposals to address overpopulation, abandonment and mistreatment of animals ”it was reported in writing.

The organization adds that in the portal www.satospr.com there is also a virtual store with merchandise related to the word SATO, “which many still read with prejudice, but presented in a fun way and in different products, such as T-shirts, packages, masks, stickers among others ”. Like other efforts made by this organization, all the money raised will be donated to shelters in Puerto Rico.

“Concerned about the hurricane season and the lack of a food bank for animals, we decided to create this fundraising campaign of funds and at the same time educate in a different way. We met Lupita during an audition we conducted in search of talent for The Pet Agency PR, a division of Pet Friendly PR, the first agency dedicated to representing pets in Puerto Rico, and that day the team fell in love with her story. … One of the few that ends with a happy ending, one of survival, innocence and love; its physical features are typical of a sato dog: drooping ears, long, thin legs and a black snout, "said Sylvia Bedrosian, Founder of Pet Friendly Puerto Rico.

She recalled that after the passage of Hurricane Maria," we all We were affected in one way or another, but it was evident that the abandonment of animals increased dramatically by the number of people who left and left their animals behind, and the shelters, all, suffered irreparable damage. We do not want to live that experience again, and if it happens, we must be prepared. The Lupita government does have a plan. ”

“ Lupita represents the essence of the Puerto Rican, a combination of two or more races, and female, to give a woman the opportunity to lead the country and to advocate for other animals who have not had the same luck as her ", he concluded.

Learn more about Lupita in Satospr.com where she will soon announce" her cabinet "made up of different animals, each one with its own proposal to deal with with his species.

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