July 23, 2021

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The resignation of Wandymar Burgos to Justice uncertain | government

At this time, it is still uncertain whether Wandymar Burgos Vargas has already resigned as secretary of the Department of Justice.

His press spokesperson, Brenda Quijano, could not specify EL VOCERO if the resignation that it was announced yesterday it already happened. Meanwhile, the press secretary of La Fortaleza, Mariana Cobián, has not responded to calls from this medium.

Governor Wanda Vázquez said yesterday that she expected the resignation of Burgos Vargas. Meanwhile, Senate President Thomas Rivera Schatz warned that if the resignation did not occur, he would call the Senate to hang the appointment.

Burgos Vargas is implicated in the scandal of the aforementioned Panel of the Independent Special Prosecutor (PFEI) by various officials, including to the governor, for alleged mismanagement of supplies for the victims of the earthquakes in January.

She was the one who allegedly paralyzed the delivery of the referrals when the prosecutors were about to file with the PFEI.

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