June 19, 2021

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the saddest day of the year

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Since 2005, every third Monday in January has been known as the Blue monday or the Saddest day of the year. According to the psychologist Cliff arnall, the third Monday in January is the saddest day of the year because after the excesses of Christmas, many families have not recovered, either financially or emotionally. In addition, the resolutions of the new year seem very complicated.

People by now have realized that the long-awaited goals that they had proposed to start the year seem impossible or distant, reaching a deep disappointment.

For these and many other reasons, the third Monday in January is known as the “Blue monday“Or translated into Spanish”Sad monday“.

He Saddest day of the year it begins to be celebrated since 2005 when the psychologist Cliff arnall worked on a formula to determine which was the worst day of the year, on the occasion of an advertising campaign for the travel agency Sky Travel.

The psychologist concluded that the most depressing day of the year would be the third Monday in January, given the excesses of Christmas, the frustration at not being able to carry out the New Year’s resolutions and also due to the lack of motivation.

Although the result is highly questioned and criticized, there is no doubt that the Blue monday or Sad monday it is a fact every year. Social networks are filled with messages of encouragement to pass this “such a depressing day”And even the media echoes and some brands take advantage of this day to offer discounts to lift the spirits of consumers.

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