June 15, 2021

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The Sazón Cocina Criolla restaurant makes its debut in the T-Mobile District | Present

T-Mobile District announces its third gastronomic opening: Creole Cuisine Seasoning, a Puerto Rican food restaurant.

Through its setting, decoration and concept, the restaurant presents the evolution of Puerto Rican culture to dazzle and entertain in a unique way the public that seeks and enjoys avant-garde experiences.

Sazón Cocina Criolla joins the recent openings of Barullo Taberna Española and the Mexican restaurant Lupe Reyes as part of the complex’s staggered pre-opening plan.

The process is focused on gradually making the space known to Puerto Ricans, and then launching it internationally.

The restaurant is located in the heart of the T-Mobile District, which is known as the central square, a futuristic 50,000-square-foot covered outdoor plaza with a modern multi-sensory technology system that will soon open.

Sazón Cocina Criolla focuses on typical Puerto Rican food, giving prominence to fresh fish and seafood.

What’s more, has a varied menu to highlight the best of our modern gastronomy, at affordable prices, with daily specials and main fixed dishes such as stuffed mofongos, paella jíbara, cuts of meat, chillo, conch, shrimp asopao, Caribbean lobster, among others.

The appetizers have been selected to delight the palate from the moment the diners are received and will include a special menu of artisanal dumplings of pork, shrimp and pastelón.

As for the offer of drinks and snacks, it has a wide selection of wines, local and international beers and varieties of liquors, as well as a cocktail menu created to pair perfectly with the Creole food menu.

“It is a pride to spice up this innovative project. Specifically having fresh fish and shellfish as the protagonists because, as I always say, we live on an island, the coast is the most there is and the Puerto Rican loves to eat a good dish with fresh fish. Sazón will definitely integrate the Creole food that Puerto Ricans like so much into the T-Mobile District, ”said Javier González, operator of Sazón Cocina Criolla and co-owner of Cayo Caribe in San Patricio.

The interior room of the restaurant projects the Puerto Rican tropical atmosphere through structures and local artistic expressions such as the painting “Todo Bien”, created by the Puerto Rican artist Jorge Zeno, who through his art reinforces that “after living difficult moments, everything it will be OK”.

In this project, each corner has been carefully designed, in the space several paintings by the Puerto Rican artist Camila Buxeda are located, who depicts with watercolor classic elements of Puerto Rican culture such as bananas, quenepas, rum, limbers, coffee, avocado, greca , among others.

What’s more, highlights an impressive structure of a 15 foot long mechanical squeaker over the bar, created by the artist Mark Rivera, who through kinetic art presents one of the main dishes of the varied menu.

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