April 23, 2021

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The Senate goes back and will request that the project that would create the Manati Coastal Corridor be returned so that it be canceled

After opposition from various environmental groups, the president of the Senate Thomas Rivera Shatz reported this Sunday that the Upper House will request that the Senate Bill 1643 that would create the Coastal Corridor of Manati to be canceled.

Several groups in the environmental community had denounced that the measure sent to La Fortaleza for the signature of Governor Wanda Vázquez Garced modified the limits of the Mar Chiquita nature reserve.

"Mr. Manatí's mayor, friend José Sánchez, has requested that all proceedings regarding P. del S. 1643 be stopped. This measure has caused annoyance and concern in various sectors of our island. That was never the purpose or purpose of those who promoted said measure, "said the senatorial president through written statements through his Facebook account.

This project was filed, referred to commission and approved by Download on the same day by the Senate last week. Subsequently, the House of Representatives approved it without amendment. The measure is authored by Rivera Schatz, Ángel Martínez Santiago and José Pérez Rosa.

"Tomorrow, Monday, June 29, we will be requesting the return of the P. del S. 1643 so that it is canceled and thus put an end to it to the controversy created with that project. In this way, P. del S. 1643 will not be converted into law, nor will it have any effect on the current legal circumstances of Mar Chiquita, "added Rivera Schatz.

El Nuevo Día reported this week that the measure states that the Manatí Coastal Corridor would comprise an area of ​​11,231 cuerdas, in the Laguna Tortuguero and Hacienda La Esperanza natural reserves, the special planning area of ​​the karst and other “natural resources of singular beauty ”, such as Punta Chivato, Los Tubos, Mar Chiquita, Palmas, Poza de las Mujeres, Tómbolo, Callao, La Esperanza and Machuca beaches, Ojo de Agua and the Los Tubos recreational area.

The project designates a area for sustainable tourism that It would give way to the construction of ecohospederías and agrohospederías projects, among others.

Likewise, it designates the area of ​​tourist interest in the Manati Coastal Corridor, "with the purpose of guiding the development and use of land in such areas and identifying areas with tourist potential."

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