April 16, 2021

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The strange new Covid-19 symptom that is easy to miss | PRESENT

An expert now warns that there may be a strange new Covid-19 symptom that is easy enough to miss.

There is an alarming increase in Covid-19 patients experiencing itching, Leanne Atkin announced in a statement. , PhD, RGN, Vascular Nursing Consultant and Associate Professor at the University of Huddersfield, according to information from Best Life.

And it often occurs alongside another strange symptom: an inflammatory side effect like a foot rash, called “Covid's fingers.”

Those with “Covid's fingers” may experience:




Even "in the absence of any other symptoms", the appearance of itchy sensations, particularly in the feet, may be a sign that you are infected, Atkin warns.

The results of a study by King's College London and the health sciences company ZOE, found that:

-The 17 percent of the e Respondents reported a rash, which often causes itching, as their first symptom of the coronavirus.

-And one in five who reported a rash confirmed that it was the only symptom they experienced.

Atkin says the lack Knowledge of itching as symptoms of the virus is extremely problematic and dangerous because patients go to normal clinics that are unprepared and may be spreading the virus further.

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