May 14, 2021

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The system failed Andrea, they did not protect her, says the governor

According to the governor, it is not possible to create by law that the protection order be issued automatically.

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STRENGTH – The governor, Pedro Rafael Pierluisi Urrutia, said on Monday that the system failed to address the case of Andrea Ruiz Costas, murdered by her ex-partner last week, after she was denied protections for domestic violence.

“When I said, and I measure my words, that everything seems that the justice system failed Andrea, it is because I, personally, read the complaint that Andrea presented. I do not know what happened in the hearing of cause for arrest before the municipal judge. I know that a representative of the Public Ministry did not participate and that is the first thing we must correct, ”said the governor at a press conference.

The law does not require in these types of proceedings that a prosecutor be present for a request for protection from domestic violence.

“That for me is a fault that must be corrected. From now on, I have told the Secretary of Justice (Domingo Emanuelli Hernández) to look for a way, whether by legislation or regulation, so that a prosecutor is always present at this type of hearing, “said the president.

According to Pierluisi Urrutia, it is not possible to create by law that the protection order is issued automatically.

“I cannot understand how here there was not a flicker of evidence required to order the arrest of the accused. From the complaint itself it was seen that the victim was under siege. You don’t have to be a lawyer or a former secretary of Justice to see that they had a very vulnerable victim here. He needed the state and the state did not provide it. The state failed him, ”Pierluisi said.

According to the governor, another issue that has to be addressed is that the judge who sees this type of cases has available the entire file of the alleged aggressor Miguel Ocasio Santiago, the murderer of Ruiz Costas, had a record of domestic violence and did not it was brought to the attention of the municipal judge.

Ruiz Costas, went to court on several occasions against Ocasio Santiago without his complaint against her attacker being able to prevail.

Ocasio Santiago, Ruiz Costas’ ex-partner, confessed to the Police the murder of the 35-year-old woman who was found last Thursday in the Guavate area of ​​Cayey.

The governor’s expressions were given at a press conference, after a meeting with the members of the Security team, the women’s attorney, Lersy Boria, and the members of the PARE Committee.

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