June 13, 2021

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The teaching profession is vaccinated | government

Today the Department of Education resumed the vaccination of hundreds of teachers with the expectation that in a few months they will return to offer classes in person.

Secretary Elba Aponte received the vaccine at the Federico Asenjo School in Santurce.

“Right now the statistic is 40,000 employees that we surveyed, 33,000 answered and only 2,000 have said that they are not going to be vaccinated due to any medical condition or concern. The important thing is that we can educate ourselves and understand that the vaccine has gone through certain processes and that we are avoiding risk, “said Aponte.

Aponte said they expect to open five vaccination centers in addition to the three that opened today to eventually vaccinate 2,400 teachers and non-teaching staff per day.

Also in the ranks are public school teachers, school cafeteria employees, and other school personnel.

“Our expectation is to open between eight to nine more centers so that we can have them. We are balancing them between advanced age and people with greater exposure, “he said.

The adjutant general of the National Guard, General José Reyes said they will open additional vaccination centers in Loíza, Arroyo and Comerío.

“Three started today. We are at the Rubén Rodríguez Coliseum and the Palacio de los Deportes in Mayagüez. We are going to have another five on Monday and we expect to have 10,000 weekly vaccinations for six to eight weeks, which allows us to reach 70% of this population by February, ”Reyes said.

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