July 30, 2021

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The truckers to the Board on the rates: “It is not a monarchy, it has no absolute power” | Present

The Broad Front of Truckers of Puerto Rico It started with its Permanent Assembly to demand that the Fiscal Control Board (JCF) allow the revision of rates by which carriers are governed.

Rates have not been revised since 2005, according to Carlos Rodríguez, coordinator of the Broad Front of Truckers, so “it is an injustice.”

“The economic viability of thousands of fathers and mothers in Puerto Rico is being affected, who have to comply with rigorous regulatory requirements to be able to transport the cargo and who with the 2005 rates can no longer resist,” said Rodriguez.

“What the colonial Junta wants is to protect the interests of the rich to force us to accept the reduction in rates and we are not going to allow it,” the truckers read at the beginning of a press conference.

Truckers gathered on Kennedy Avenue this morning to formally announce an indeterminate stoppage, which began at 12:01 a.m. today.

“We will continue in permanent assembly, until the [nuevo] rate regulations ”, and they highlighted that in Puerto Rico, as it is an island, the same logic that applies to the mainland cannot be applied and that, according to the complaint, allow rates not to be modified.

“It is not a monarchy, it does not have absolute power,” said Rolando Emmanuelli Jiménez, a lawyer for truckers to the Board, who opposes a modification of the rates that were approved by the Bureau of Transportation and other Public Services (NTSP).

A large group of truckers reiterated that the JCF is a dictatorial entity not elected by the people and that it did not have to take measures that harm transporters. They also called on Governor Pedro Pierluisi Urrutia to ally himself with the workers and defend the truckers.

“At no time have we made any threat or undue pressure, we are simply part of the people. Why are there no trucks here today? Because we don’t want to affect the country. If they call us today, today we will see what the impasse is. If they don’t call us, we’re still here ”, exclaimed Edwin Marrero, president of the trawlers.

Antonio Medina, member of the Fiscal Control Board, this morning warned the truckers …

Antonio Medina, a member of the Fiscal Control Board, warned truckers this morning that they cannot handle the controversy over the regulation and tariff adjustments for haulage under threat.

“The Fiscal Oversight Board cannot be working with threats; a segment of the country cannot tell the board or you do what I want or I am not going to follow the instructions, “said Medina in an interview with WKAQ 580 AM.

Since midnight, thousands of truckers turned off their vehicles as a pressure mechanism for the fiscal entity to allow the NTSP regulation.

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