July 30, 2021

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There are 395 hospitalizations for coronavirus on the Island | government

The Department of Health reported today on its website 356 patients hospitalized for Covid-19, an increase of 39 compared to yesterday’s figure.

Three pediatric patients remain hospitalized in intensive care for the virus, while one of them is connected to a ventilator.

Meanwhile, 56 adults are in intensive care and 37 are connected to a ventilator.

The country’s health system currently has 2,918 beds for adults, 186 intensive care beds and 752 ventilators. It also has 902 pediatric beds, 61 intensive care beds and 130 pediatric ventilators.

Health reported today 234 confirmed cases, 125 probable infections and four additional deaths. With this, there are 63,497 confirmed and probable cases accumulated since the pandemic began. Meanwhile, deaths total 808.

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