August 1, 2021

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There are 58,643 accumulated confirmed and probable cases of Covid-19 | government

The Health Department report reported a death from Covid-19; meanwhile, 239 confirmed cases and 208 additional probable cases were registered.

With these new cases, there are 769 reported deaths, and 58,643 confirmed and probable cases accumulated since the pandemic began.

The reported death was cataloged as confirmed and corresponds to a 61-year-old woman from the Bayamón region.

With this additional death, the confirmed deaths add up to 586 and the probable deaths are 183, making the total number of deaths 769.

On the other hand, the total of the results of confirmed cases of Covid-19 is 29,585, of which 15,918 are women and 13,667 are men. The total number of confirmed cases was adjusted after adding 213 cases with a sample collection date from August 1 to October 5; in addition, five duplicate cases were subtracted. The reported cases are those that have a positive PCR test, with a sample collection date of October 6 to 17.

As part of the report, 208 additional probable cases were registered, with a sampling date that ranges from October 6 to 17. In this line, the total is 29,058 after being adjusted, by subtracting 39 cases that had a positive molecular test, later, and were added to the cases registered as part of this report; Furthermore, 78 cases were added with a sampling date from August 29 to October 5, and a duplicate case was subtracted. Probable cases are divided into 16,213 women and 12,845 men.

Summary of the Department of Health report:

Additional confirmed cases: 239

Total confirmed cases: 29,585

Additional probable cases: 208

Total probable cases: 29,058

Additional confirmed deaths: 1

Total confirmed deaths: 586

Additional probable deaths: 0

Total probable deaths: 183

Total reported deaths: 769

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