July 28, 2021

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There are 7,465 confirmed and probable cases of Covid-19 | government

The Health Department report did not report deaths from Covid-19; meanwhile, 55 confirmed cases and 120 additional probable cases were registered.

With this, they add up to 7,465 the total of confirmed and probable cases.

Without additional fatalities, the total number of confirmed deaths is 59 and the probable deaths are 94, so the total number of deaths is 153. It is important to remember that any death recorded after the report is issued will be reflected in reports

For this report, 55 confirmed cases of Covid-19 were recorded, for a total of 1,693. The results of confirmed cases correspond to 843 women and 850 men. Confirmed cases are those with a positive PCR test.

On the other hand, an additional 120 probable cases were recorded. In this line, the total is 5,772, after being adjusted by 42 cases with a sample date of May 5 to June 14. In addition, two cases were subtracted from June 22 and 23, since they yielded a positive molecular test. Of the probable cases, 3,065 are women and 2,707 are men. Probable cases are those that test positive for a serological test.

Adjustments in totals are made as part of an effort by the Department of Health, entities, and clinical laboratories to ensure that all samples made for Covid-19 are recorded in the Bio Portal, regardless of the date it was taken.

Summary of the Department of Health report:

Additional confirmed cases: 55

Total confirmed cases: 1,693 [19659002] Additional probable cases: 120

Total probable cases: 5,772

Additional confirmed deaths: 0

Total confirmed deaths: 59

Additional probable deaths: 0

Total probable deaths: 94

Total deaths reported: 153

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