January 15, 2021

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There are already 58 refugees due to tropical storm Isaías

The number of refugees across the island due to the passage of tropical storm Isaías was 58 people until this morning, said the secretary of the Department of Housing Luis Carlos Fernández Trinchet, at his arrival at the headquarters of Bureau for Emergency Management and Disaster Administration (NMEAD) in San Juan.

Due to the storm emergency, there are 65 shelters active so far, but as of 8:30 in the morning there were 33 in use. Most of the refugees, about 13, were in the municipality of Guayanilla, 10 in San Juan, five in Cabo Rojo, four in Añasco and two in San Sebastián. Earlier, mayors from the eastern zone reported on 10 refugees in Ceiba, six in Río Grande, three in Canóvanas and one in Fajardo.

Although during the emergency by Isaías they are not all active, the Department of Housing has a list out of 324 shelters that would theoretically be available for emergencies. "Of the 324, there are 166 shelters in all of Puerto Rico that have a plant and a cistern," said Secretary Fernández Trinchet.

"There are 116, there fit with distancing (due to COVID-19 infections) about 14,000 people, there are more than enough space to deal with this crisis for now. To think that we are going to have the 324 all ready with everything, it is an ideal world and I would love it to be there, ”said the secretary, while assuring that the open shelters have a prevention protocol before COVID-19 and attention to people with symptoms.

Look at the list of shelters:

This morning, the mayor of Bayamón, Ramón Luis Rivera Cruz, indicated in statements to this newspaper that the municipality enabled a shelter in the Rubén Rodríguez Coliseum because the schools that would serve as shelters on the Housing list do not have equipment such as an electricity generator and a cistern.

“The shelters where the mayors are asking for generators are trying to get the generated as soon as possible. Already the emergency declaration that the president (Donald Trump) gave yesterday helps so that many of the generators that FEMA may have at his disposal we can begin to distribute, "said the secretary.

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