April 23, 2021

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There are two areas in the Atlantic with low cyclonic potential

The National Hurricane Center (CNH) in Miami reported at 2:00 in the afternoon that it monitors two tropical waves in the Atlantic with a low cyclonic potential in the next five days.

One of them is located near the coast of Africa and the other is in the center of the tropical Atlantic halfway between Africa and the Caribbean.

“A tropical wave moving westward located over in the far eastern tropical Atlantic near the Cape Verde Islands continues to produce disorganized downpour activity. Although environmental conditions are not expected to be conducive to development over the next few days, they are forecast to gradually become more favorable over the weekend to early next week as the wave moves toward the center and then west of the tropical Atlantic. ”, Indicates the CNH about the system farthest from the Caribbean and that it has a 20 percent chance of development in five days.

The other wave has a 30 percent chance of becoming a tropical depression in the same amount days.

“Activity of showers and thunderstorms has increased today in association with a tropical wave over the central tropical Atlantic. A gradual development of this system is possible during the next days as it moves towards the west from 15 to 20 mph ”, indicates the CNH.

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