April 22, 2021

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There could be up to five tropical storms in the Atlantic next week

As recent as tomorrow there could be three storms at the same time in the Atlantic … and perhaps four or five in the weekend or next week, according to the National Hurricane Center (CNH) in Miami.

For several days, storms Paulette and René have been moving in the Atlantic in a west-northwest direction with a route to the open sea. Both have 50 mph winds and are expected to strengthen and become hurricanes sometime between the weekend and next week.

According to the latest CNH forecasts, both Paulette and René will continue to be present in the Atlantic next week.

The United States Hurricane Center monitors two storms and four low pressure areas for possible development.

However, a tropical wave off the coast of Africa could be cataloged as a depression very soon and join the train of organized systems currently marching across the ocean.

This disturbance has a 60 percent possibility of development in 48 hours and 90 percent in five days. The conditions in the tropical Atlantic are optimal for the system to have a constant development once it is classified as a depression and it could also become a hurricane next week.

“A tropical wave is a few hundred miles southeast of the Cape Verde Islands and is producing disorganized rains and thunderstorms. A gradual development of this system is anticipated, and a tropical depression is expected to form this weekend or early next week, while the system moves generally westward across the eastern and central tropical Atlantic, “he said. the CNH in its bulletin on the perspectives of the tropics.

Another wave that has a medium chance of development in five days it would be very close to Africa also on the weekend.

Another tropical wave is forecast to emerge off the west coast of Africa this weekend. Environmental conditions are expected to be conducive to development, and a tropical depression could form over the eastern tropical Atlantic early next week, as the system slowly moves westward, ”explained the CNH.

If this happens we would have four storms at the same time in the Atlantic.

But there is still more.

“A wide area of ​​disorganized showers and thunderstorms is centralized a couple of hundred miles northeast of the central Bahamas. This system is forecast to move west, crossing the Bahamas and Florida on Friday and moving over the eastern Gulf of Mexico over the weekend. It is expected that upper-level winds could become more favorable for development and a tropical depression could form as the system slowly moves west-northwest over the eastern Gulf of Mexico early next week, ”says CNH.

September is the peak of the hurricane season.

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