May 15, 2021

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"There is space" to attend Covid-19 patients | PRESENT

Although with the positives to coronavirus on the rise, hospitals still have space to attend an emergency greater than the one caused by Covid-19 in the country.

Jaime Plá, executive president of the Hospital Association, indicated that 60% of intensive care beds are occupied, but not all with Covid-19 patients.

“There are 472 occupied intensive care beds and, of those, there are 71 that are occupied by Covid-19 patients. We have 239 empty intensive care beds ”, he stated. “Therefore, we are still in a situation, in a safe place, because we have 239 beds left and the reality is that the use of intensive care beds is not related to the number of positive patients we have had. Hospitals have a census of 363 Covid-19 patients ", he detailed.

The Secretary of Health, Lorenzo González, was not available for an interview. Health did not report deaths from Covid-19 yesterday, but 442 cases were added to the list of confirmed cases. In total, 390 people have died, while the confirmed positives total 13,922.

They closely monitor the situation

“In hospitals we are looking at the situation. So far we have the resources to be able to serve patients. We are continuously speaking with the Secretary of Health to make sure that the numbers are maintained and that the plans we have at this moment, with what we have in the hospitals, we can solve, ”Plá told EL VOCERO . [19659002] The government still has plans for the possibility of opening other centers. Months ago the possibility of opening hospitals or centers in other facilities to treat patients with Covid-19 was discussed, but at the moment this has not been necessary.

"As long as there are 3,000 beds available in hospitals, that will not be necessary "Said Plá.

The situation in the Medical Center is similar to that of the rest of the hospitals.

Jorge Matta González, executive director of the Administration of Medical Services (ASEM), reported that they receive between five and eight patients of Covid-19 per week. At the moment there are also 11 employees under surveillance due to the coronavirus.

“We have capacity in the Emergency Room, in Trauma and in the University Hospital,” said Matta, noting that they maintain tents with negative pressure outside the Medical Center . These tents, if necessary, could be used as isolation rooms for patients with coronavirus.

At the moment, the Medical Center has about five patients with Covid-19 and yesterday none were in intensive care.

"At the University Hospital there are 16 isolation rooms and we have the capacity to increase two full wings because we can change them to negative pressure ", explained the official.

" In the Emergency Room we have five isolation rooms and we have the tents with negative pressure, where we could admit patients ”, he added.

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