April 19, 2021

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There was no transition process in the EEC | government

Although there are 55 days until the general elections, the president of the State Elections Commission (CEE), Francisco Rosado Colomer, acknowledged this afternoon that there was no transition process with the outgoing president of the agency, Juan Ernesto Dávila Rivera, who resigned in charge last Thursday after the atypical primaries in August.

“The answer is no. We have not had a transition process. I have not had communication with the now judge Dávila. It is not that it is not on the agenda, it is that … we start today and there is no schedule of activities. We are creating it in the march based on what our experience is, “said Rosado Colomer, who said that he was presented with a calendar, with little information, with dates and some general events.

In a press conference with the alternate president of the EEC, Jessika Padilla Rivera, Rosado Colomer assured that the date set for the general elections will be met on November 3. However, Padilla Rivera acknowledged that there is no guarantee.

“I have not been able to identify something that tells me (that) it will not be possible to carry out. The term insured is a very strong term, which requires us to make a slightly greater evaluation of what the process is, “said Rosado Colomer, who added that they are trying to identify” where the process is, particularly because here there are parallel processes ( running) ”.

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