June 11, 2021

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There will be no Prohibition this Sunday

This Sunday there will be no Prohibition as announced due to the special election that will be held to choose the lobbyists who will advocate for statehood in Washington.

“Although the Law to create the Congressional Delegation of Puerto Rico, Law 167-2020, indicates that during the voting hours of that special election the Dry Law applies, the reality is that the Electoral Code says that it only applies in general elections. What is going to happen next Sunday, May 16, is not a general election, it is a special election, “said Secretary of the Interior Noelia García in written statements.

“For these purposes, the position of the Executive is that, according to the Electoral Code, the Prohibition Law does not apply, so there will be no consequences against any business that sells alcoholic beverages during the voting hours of the special election,” he added.

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