November 30, 2020

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These are the changes in the new executive order for COVID-19

Today, when Puerto Rico exceeded the threshold of 40,000 infections per COVID-19, The governor Wanda Vazquez He went to the country to release the details of what will be the new executive order, which will dictate the government’s steps to try to control the virus.

The new executive order brings more restrictions, among which stand out that the churches and authorized businesses (restaurants, shopping centers, retail stores, car dealerships, among others) can only operate at 30% occupancy.

Similarly, casinos, cinemas, gyms and common swimming pools will only be able to operate at 30% of capacity Of occupation.

Likewise, Religious activities and funerals will be limited to a maximum capacity of 30%.

On the other hand, the establishments known as hammocks, bars and cafeterias, as well as recreational areas will continue to be closed.

“As of this Monday, all businesses allowed to operate are required to put up posters with the maximum capacity allowed,” the governor said at a press conference. These posters must also include the information where citizens can report breaches and irregularities: telephone 787-522-6300, extensions 6899, 6840, 6842 and 6833, and email [email protected].

The beaches will again be only for exercising. The “chairs and coolers”, as well as the crowds of people, will be prohibited on the beaches, Vázquez stressed.

Also, the governor activated the National Guard to ensure compliance with restrictions. “There will be consequences for those who violate the order,” he warned.

“The fines for not using the mask remain in force. It is mandatory that all people have to wear the mask, that they comply with the curfew, and that they comply with physical distancing and protection measures. The health of all, of all, is in the hands of each one of us. Avoiding contagion is in ourselves. Individual and family responsibility is paramount, ”Vázquez insisted.

The curfew will be maintained from 10:00 at night to 5:00 in the morning.

The current executive order was extended through Sunday, so The new measures will enter into force next Monday, November 16, and will end on Friday, December 11. This extension will allow businesses to make the adjustments required by the new order, and the Police and National Guard to coordinate the logistics aspects necessary to operate as required by the new executive order.

However, to questions from the press, the governor clarified that the National Guard would not make arrests, but would be supporting the Police, acting in accordance with the provisions of the police reform.

Doctors and scientists in the country have shown concern about the current outbreak of the coronavirus. The Health Department today reported 604 confirmed cases, with which Puerto Rico exceeds 500 confirmed cases for the eighth consecutive day.

In the last week, hospitalizations for COVID-19 have increased, registering daily figures above 550, explained the governor. The use of intensive care also increased, registering over 70 patients daily, with a daily average of more than 50 of them connected to ventilators (respirators).

“At the moment we have doctors who have died victims of COVID in the fulfillment of their responsibility, others infected and many more in quarantine. We have 900 infected nurses, of which eight have lost their lives in the line of duty. Five policemen have lost their lives to COVID-19”, Listed the governor.

Taking into account this increase in the use of hospital capacity, the new executive order provides that elective surgeries that require intensive care units will be limited after those emergency surgeries, according to medical criteria.

However, the Secretary of Health, Doctor Lorenzo Gonzalez, explained that at the moment there is no hospital that is not receiving patients, and that, if that point were reached, the patient would be redirected to another hospital through the emergency system.

“The vast majority of Puerto Ricans comply and continue with the security measures, and comply with the protection measures. But there are many who have lowered their guard and who have not understood that this pandemic is with us yet “Vázquez said.

“It is essential to keep in mind and recognize that the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are not going to be the same. It’s sad to say. But sadder is that next Christmas, or next Thanksgiving, are sadder because our relatives have died victims of COVID. We don’t want any more contagion “said the governor, reiterating the call to avoid meetings with people who are not the family nucleus with whom they live.

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