July 30, 2021

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These are the internet providers participating in the $ 400 grant

Students and teaching staff of the public education system can obtain a $ 400 grant to pay internet expenses due to distance education for the pandemic of the COVID-19.

To receive the incentive, it was indicated that applicants must contact certain Internet providers that the Department of Education has already identified.

The providers are:

  • Aeronet
  • Optical Fiber
  • DM Wireless
  • Neptune
  • Clear
  • Urban Networks
  • VPnet
  • Liberty

The deadline to request the $ 400 is next November 30. The aid will cover until May 31, 2021.

Education also pointed out that the amount only includes the cost of subscribing for the internet service, the cost of buying or renting the equipment required for the connection, the initial installation or activation fee, and the fee and taxes.

What do you need to request the $ 400?

Parents or guardians of students must present the following information to the provider:

  • Student’s full name
  • Student number (SIE)
  • Birthdate

Meanwhile, teaching staff (classroom teachers, principals, librarians, social workers, and professional counselors) must present:

  • Full name
  • Employee number
  • Birthdate
  • School where you work
  • Last four digits of Social Security

When the term paid by the government is over, the beneficiaries will be able to keep the service, modify it or cancel it without penalties, Education mentioned.

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