May 11, 2021

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These are the main changes that will take effect from July 1 in the new stage of reopening

The governor Wanda Vázquez Garced extended until July 22 the curfew that orders people to stay at their homes from 10:00 p.m. at 5:00 am, but relaxed the restrictions imposed on labor, social, educational and commercial activities that may be carried out outside these hours.

At the moment, the new Executive Order 2020-048 has not yet been published, but Several of the changes that will take effect from Wednesday, July 1, were anticipated as part of the strategy to control the spread of coronavirus .

Here are the details of the new stage:

-The use of masks that cover the nose and mouth will continue to be mandatory in all public spaces, as well as avoiding “unnecessary crowds.”

-The career employees of government agencies who are identified as “necessary” They will return to work in stages starting on July 1.

Government agencies that offer services to the citizens will be able to receive public services at their facilities from Monday, July 6 ulio. Each agency must report on the conditions for providing services. The agglomeration of people in the offices should be avoided and the use of masks is mandatory.

-University educational centers may reopen, for which they must prepare a protocol that complies with the recommendations of the Centers for the Control and Prevention of Illness (CDC) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Public schools and private schools will be closed to students at least until 22 of July. Schools may only receive employees to prepare work plans for their reopening and prepare for the next school year. Both the administrations of the schools and the Department of Education must present their plans to return to class "in a timely manner" and whether they will offer their courses in person, remotely, or a combination of both modalities.

-The sale of Electronic Lottery and traditional Lottery.

Collective transportation services will be reestablished through the Metropolitan Authority of Buses (AMA) and the Urban Train.

-Funeral services may be carried out until 8 : 00 pm Cemeteries, for their part, may open to the public, as long as social distancing measures and protocols of the Department of Health are complied with. The prohibition of the entry of children under 12 years into funeral homes and cemeteries continues.

-The resumption of individual, collective or team sports and recreational training is authorized. As of July 15, the resumption of professional league sports events is authorized, except contact sports such as boxing.

Casinos may be reopened, although steps must be taken to ensure that occupancy does not exceed 75% of its maximum capacity as established in the building codes. They must comply with the guidelines of the Gaming Division.

-An increase will be allowed in the number of people who may be inside restaurants and shops. Now, the maximum occupancy of these businesses must not exceed 75% of their capacity, as established in the building codes.

-The opening of rooms for events and face-to-face concerts is authorized, although they must comply with the recommendations of the CDC, the Department of Health and OSHA. All attendees should have masks, frequent hand washing should be encouraged, individuals should be kept six feet away, and facilities should be disinfected daily. Each location must establish a risk control plan.

No specific measures were announced to deal with the arrival of passengers at airports, one of the points of greatest concern among members of the medical advisory group of La Strength due to the increase in cases of COVID-19 in regions of the United States.

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