April 20, 2021

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They are looking for relatives of two patients incarcerated in the Medical Center

The Puerto Rico Medical Services Administration (ASEM) reported today that at the Puerto Rico Medical Center, there are two unidentified patients in order to locate family or friends who can assist them.

The first says His name was Eduardo Matos Feliciano and he arrived Wednesday, 1st. July 2020, he arrived at the Medical Center. He described himself as a 33-year-old male patient with straight brown hair, white skin, brown eyes, thin and about 5′10 ″ tall and has several tattoos on his body. He arrived at the Trauma Hospital without identification and the pertinent steps are taken, identifying the patient as Eduardo Matos Feliciano. It is associated with an old address of the Urb. Los Ángeles D – 78, Orio street in the municipality of Carolina. At the moment, no family or friends have been identified.

The patient was run over on Los Gobernadores Avenue, in front of the Pueblo de Carolina supermarket. He does not appear on the Puerto Rico Police Missing Persons List.

The second patient has been identified as John Doe_ MR2813043 and arrived on Friday, July 3, 2020, at the Medical Center. He described himself as a male patient, approximately 59 years old, with a white complexion, brown eyes, about 220 pounds in weight and 5'6 ″ tall. He has short, graying hair with entrances on either side of his forehead and does not have the upper denture.

He has no tattoos or birthmarks on his body. He arrived as a pedestrian overwhelmed in Ponce, it is presumed from the Baramalla Sector. They took him to the Damas de Ponce Hospital from where they transferred him to the Medical Center, in Río Piedras. It does not appear on the List of Missing Persons of the Puerto Rico Police. The Police have carried out the pertinent investigations with negative results.

"If you think you can identify these patients, please contact ASEM or the Adult University Hospital (UDH) by calling (787) 777- 3535 extension 4003 or at (787) 754-0101 extension 5131, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ”reported Jesús Vélez Rosado, ASEM press director.

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