January 26, 2021

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They ask Carlos Delgado to publish insurance contracting documents in Isabela

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SAN JUAN – Representative Néstor Alonso has asked the mayor of Isabela and candidate for governor for the Popular Democratic Party (PPD), Carlos Delgado, to provide the people of Puerto Rico, immediately, with all the documents related to the hiring by from the municipality of the insurance brokerage company to Best Group Insurance.

In this, he asked, he must include the proposals received, invoices for services rendered and any correspondence, email or internal memo related to it, he said in a statement released this Monday.

Alonso, affiliated with the New Progressive Party (PNP), also said that there should be no problem in providing the requested documents, “because members of the PPD, such as representative Rafael ‘Tatito’ Hernández Montañez, have made the same request for transparency” .

“Today we make a public summons to the candidate for Governor for the PPD to provide us, without delay, all the documentation related to the Best Group Insurance company, where, through another company created by Best Group with the same address His daughter was working when she was hired ”, he stressed.

“We understand that the awarding of this contract is extremely suspicious and Delgado Altieri has not explained the details well. That is why it is imperative that the Mayor of Isabela provide us with all the pertinent documents regarding this hiring, Alonso said.

The representative referred to what was reported by the press that has assured that Delgado hired Best Group Insurance.

In 2017, the same owners of Best Group incorporated Reborn Agency, Inc., a company of which the mayor’s daughter was part of its board of directors until her resignation in May 2019.

“We want to see the documents related to the hiring of Best and the investigation that the Municipality did to see if there was another similar company at lower prices. Best Group’s professional services invoices are vital to know if there was a scheme of embezzlement of public funds and to adjudicate responsibilities ”, he remarked.

“There should be no problem, because if Hernández Montañez does it, why not Delgado Altieri? The request is there, we demand the documents within a period of 10 calendar days. To facilitate the process, you can upload them to the transparency portal created by the spokesperson for the minority in the Chamber ”, added the also president of the Tourism Commission of the Lower Chamber.

Last week the former president of the House of Representatives, José Aponte, referred the mayor of Isabela to the Department of Justice, the Office of Government Ethics and the Office of the Electoral Comptroller, “for this alleged influence sales scheme and associated conflict of interest to Best Group ”, he recalled.

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