July 28, 2021

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They ask for blood donations in the face of a 50% decrease

The Puerto Rico Consortium for Clinical Research (PRCCI) launched the initiative " In Puerto Rico WE TAKE IT IN THE BLOOD " to motivate people to donate convalescent blood and plasma, this at a time when supplies have dropped by 50%, this in a shared call between the Medical Center Blood Bank, the Puerto Rico Blood Bank and the Mutual Services Blood Bank , was reported in a press release.

The PRCCI campaign – a subsidiary of the Puerto Rico Trust for Science, Technology and Research – highlights that these donations are of utmost urgency, not only because of the current shortage but also because of the potential risks. of a second wave of COVID-19 and the possible impact of natural phenomena such as hurricanes and earthquakes among others .

“The lack of optimal levels of blood and plasma in banks can impact hospitals to serve the p patients, whether in medical emergencies, surgeries, among others, "said the executive director of the Consortium, Amarilys Silva.

According to Silva, there is scientific evidence that convalescent plasma (the liquid part of blood collected from a patient who has recovered from an infection) could help some patients recover from coronavirus (COVID-19) through experimental treatment according to approved protocols.

For her part, Lucy Crespo, chief executive officer of the Trust for Science, Technology and Research of Puerto Rico concluded by saying that " In Puerto Rico WE CARRY IT IN THE BLOOD unites our social responsibility as an organization with our mission to continue expanding clinical research on the island for the well-being of all." [19659004] For more information and to register as a donor visit: lollevamosenlasangre.org . Follow the campaign on social networks under #lollevamosenlasangre (BanderadePR).

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