March 1, 2021

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They ask for blood donors for a young woman run over in a County restaurant

Relatives of one of the women run over on Saturday while eating on the terrace of the Chili's del Condado restaurant, asked for help from the citizens since the young woman needs blood donors.

As reported by WKAQ 580 AM, relatives of Estefanía Colón Lamis, 25 years old, urged blood donations for the young woman who suffered serious fractures. People who wish to donate can go to the Blood Bank of Puerto Rico located in the roundabout of the Medical Center in Río Piedras.

Those interested can contact 787-777-3844 or the telephone box of the Administration of Medical Services (ASEM), at 787-777-3535, extension 6550 .

The events occurred on Saturday night, when two women were injured and treated in hospitals when they were hit by the vehicle of Hugh Alexander Cuthbert Martin, 88, who passed the terrace of the Chili's restaurant. The other wound was identified as Jennifer Martinez 32 years old.

With large fractures, the young woman

“One of them received an open head injury and other lacerations. , but it is stable. The other girl did receive multiple fractures, and of those multiple fractures there are some that are serious. They are attending her at the Medical Center (in Río Piedras). It is in serious condition, "Lt. Eric Aponte of the Police Traffic Division said yesterday.

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