June 15, 2021

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They ask legislators to vote against the bill that gives absolute power to the Executive over PPPs

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Puerto Rico – The president of the Union of Workers of the Electricity and Irrigation Industry (UTIER), Ángel Figueroa Jaramillo today called on legislators to vote against House Bill 2627 that gives absolute control to the Executive Branch over the decisions of Public-Private Partnerships.

“The call to legislators is clear and direct, to vote against this bill that gives the governor of Puerto Rico total and absolute power to dispose of the country’s assets and that takes away from the legislators themselves the power to decide on PPPs. ”, Explained

Figueroa Jaramillo explained that, with this administration project, the governor wants the Legislature to renounce its powers to oversee and analyze the sale of PREPA assets and other Public-Private Partnerships.

“This project eliminates the few powers that legislators have to analyze the sale of assets and the creation of other PPPs. If before there was no transparency, now with this project, there will be less. With this project, the legislative bodies do not have any power to intervene in the approval or rejection of PPPs. A project like that cannot be approved in a hurry and in dark rooms while the country is in full celebration of Christmas, ”he added.

The union leader invited the UTIER registration and the people to call and write to legislators to oppose the project.

“The call to the country is to call the Chamber at (787) 721-6040 and the Senate (787) 724-2030 in addition to writing to legislators on social networks. This project cannot occur because it would create a dictatorial regime in the ruler where he will have total absolute power to dispose of the assets of the country, it would take away the right to the Legislature and, above all, the lack of transparency and discussion with the people of Puerto Rico would continue ” , he concluded.

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