May 14, 2021

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They ask that the governor include measures in an extraordinary session | PRESENT

A group of organizations representing various sectors of the country demanded that Governor Wanda Vázquez Garced include in the extraordinary session several legislative measures relevant to the population.

The group sent the petition to La Fortaleza through a letter. , given the limited number of measures that have come to be considered by the legislature in this extraordinary session.

They claim that the governor has left out of the list of measures extremely important legislation to address group problems, such as community leaders and the permanence of their communities, the teachers, as well as the retirement of the UPR employees, the workers of the Electric Power Authority (PREPA), unions of public workers, pensioner organizations, among others.

Specifically, the projects that are being requested to include are 1049, on amendments to the Forced Expropriation Law. sa; 2572, from the UPR Retirement program; 639, related to Special Education teachers; and 2434, which seeks to create the Law for a Worthy Retirement.

The legislative pieces were worked and managed by the leaders of these causes to provide guarantees and address the concerns that affect their rights, lives, housing and work. [19659002] "Despite the fact that many of these measures have been working for some time, some presented since the beginning of the four-year period and with positive reports from the Commission, they were not given space in the ordinary session," said community leader Carmen Villanueva Castro.

Meanwhile, Ángel Figueroa Jaramillo, president of the Utier, commented that “the urgency of the group stems from the fact that, if not considered now, the work and dedication invested in the construction of the projects will have been discarded, in addition that the vulnerable sectors whom it intends to help again will be at the mercy of abuses "explained

The groups wait for the governor to accept the collective's claim and the thousands of and members they represent.

"With the inclusion of the measures, a firm step would be taken towards the path of social justice that we both need as a people," said Villanueva Castro.

The group includes organizations such as Furia, the group of leaders community organizations, the Alliance of Community Leaders, the APPU, the Utier, the Federation of Teachers, Puerto Rico to the South, Let's Build Another Agreement, among more than 25 organizations that have been fighting for years for the rights of the population.

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