May 12, 2021

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They ask the government for severe measures to save lives in the face of massive advance of Covid-19

The Association of Mayors maintains that lives prevail over economy.

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SAN JUAN – The president of the Association of Mayors of Puerto Rico, Luis Javier Hernández Ortiz, made an energetic call to the central government to take more severe measures to try to avoid additional infections of Covid-19.

“The reality is that sectors of the population have not been following the recommendations, with the results that we are seeing today. The numbers have increased dramatically, the variants have made the virus more contagious and deadly, “he said.

Hernández Ortiz added that hospitals throughout Puerto Rico are filling up and the positivity rate is in the red in practically all municipalities.

“Possibly the toughest weeks in the entire pandemic await us. My request to the government to think about saving lives over the economy. We once again put ourselves at the disposal of Governor Pedro Pierluisi to sit at the table and again make decisions that are for the benefit of the country ”.

Puerto Rico woke up Tuesday with seven new deaths from the pandemic, while the number of hospitalizations associated with the virus increased to 406, which translates into 19 more than yesterday, according to data from the Department of Health.

The agency also released the number of 714 new confirmed positive cases, 409 probable positive cases and 1,265 suspected positive cases.

Given this, the confirmed cases total 103,957, while the probable ones are 12,421 and the suspects 104,819.

The outbreaks have been experiencing across the country. For example, the mayor of Yabucoa, Rafael Surillo, ordered the cancellation of all municipal activities after he confirmed nine outbreaks of the coronavirus in less than a week.

Surillo confirmed that he faces 9 outbreaks.

“Last week there were 7 outbreaks in Yabucoa and from one day to the next there were 2 more outbreaks and that worries us a lot,” the municipal executive told a radio station.

The call of the president of the 41 associate mayors adds to the fact that the United States Health agencies recommended this morning “a pause” in the administration of the Johnson & Johnson single-dose vaccine against Covid-19 to the purposes of investigating reports of potentially dangerous blood clots.

“We have never before faced a pandemic of this magnitude and what proceeds is that, with the knowledge that we and we have, exercise maximum control,” concluded Hernández Ortiz.

Villalba is considered a pioneer municipality in the management of the pandemic, since the tracking system devised there served as a model for the rest of Puerto Rico.

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