June 11, 2021

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They ask the governor to include ICF employees in incentives | government

Local 2099 of United Public Servants of Puerto Rico, a union that represents the personnel of the Institute of Forensic Sciences sent today a written communication to the governor, Pedro Pierluisi, in order to request that the essential workers of this agency be named as first responders with all the incentives that this entails.

The letter refers to the fact that they are public servants who work 24/7 during all types of emergencies and are highly exposed to risks.

For this reason, they also requested that the funds requested in the budget by Dr. María Conte, head of the ICF, be approved to grant a salary increase to all the agency’s staff who for many years have been forgotten in salary.

“The ICF works 24/7, the corpses are received to be evaluated and the chain of evidence is built, where we are also exposed to direct contagion of positive cases of covid-19, we work in any type of emergency, be it hurricanes , tremors, pandemic. We never cease operations, but when it comes to rewarding ourselves, we are not considered high-risk incentives like other groups of workers. That is why we respectfully request the Governor that it is time for the work we do in the Institute of Forensic Sciences to be recognized, ”said Aixa Estrada, president of SPU, Local 2099 ICF.

For his part, Benjamín Borges, trustee of United Public Servants of Puerto Rico highlighted that his organization has been consistent in demanding that the Governor of Puerto Rico use the funds allocated in the American Recovery Plan to do justice to public servants who have risked your health and life during the covid-19 emergency.

“At SPU we have many classifications and agencies that should receive these funds and they have not. Clearly the colleagues of the Institute of Forensic Sciences have done a commendable job throughout this pandemic just as they have always done in times of emergencies or crisis. The governor must extend these incentives to all public servants who have been working at high risk throughout this process. We must recognize this work and do them justice ”, he emphasized.

Unionized ICF employees will stand up for the fight and hope to be recognized for their hard work and sacrifice.

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