March 5, 2021

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They ask the Secretary of Health to extend its oversight action to all Government agencies

The President of the UGT indicated that many of the risks can be minimized

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San Juan – The president of the General Union of Workers (UGT), Gerson Guzmán López, requested the Secretary of Health, Lorenzo González, to extend his supervision work to all government agencies, after ordering the closing of several businesses over the weekend for non-compliance with the Executive Order and urge hospital personnel to require their employers to comply with the provision of the equipment and materials necessary for the prevention of contagion with COVID-19.

“Our clients complain of a lack of protective materials, non-compliance with distancing measures in reduced areas, poor or limited cleaning and disinfection processes, and trying to ignore the mandatory quarantine measures when a positive case is detected. For this reason, we ask the Secretary of Health to extend their oversight action to other government agencies that do not comply with the protocols that they promised to maintain while the current pandemic lasts, ”Guzmán López requested in a written statement on Tuesday.

The interest of the union leader is to guarantee the strictest compliance with the measures established in the protocols so that the agencies can continue to provide services to citizens, without putting the health and safety of both the staff and the public at risk.

“The Secretary of Health must prioritize in those agencies where the number of affected employees has been high, as is the case of the Department of Labor, and in those where multiple complaints have arisen due to the relaxation of the rigor required by the established protocols,” he recommended Guzmán López.

The President of the UGT indicated that many of the risks can be minimized if the work is organized through the alternate day system or the intensive use of telework when conditions allow it.

“Of course, if there is no other alternative than to do the work in person, then what is imposed is the greatest rigor in complying with the established rules,” Guzmán López stressed.

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