July 28, 2021

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They assure that business in La Placita does not comply with physical distancing | PRESENT

A Facebook user assured in his profile that the Garabato business, located in La Placita de Santurce, does not comply with physical distancing protocols and the use of a mask.

According to David Silva, in the business, You can see a group of people without any distance and without wearing masks.

One of the photos that accompanies the publication shows how two police patrols pass in front of the business and do not intervene, as provided by the executive order of the Governor.

"While the tourism industry has been punished after complying with all the protocols required by the government … in view of the government, through the police, this happens and they do nothing. They have spent 1.5 hours just passing and as if They were blind. Because the government did not only intervene with the businesses that we all know to be the problem? "wrote the young man on his social networks.

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