February 25, 2021

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They assure that Puerto Rico gained visibility with the arrival acts of the Biden administration

The pearl necklace that the vice president wore at her inauguration, Kamala harris, of a Puerto Rican designer, or the Puerto Rican origin of the judge Sonia Sotomayor and the singer Jennifer Lopez, protagonists in the investiture, represent a boost to the image of the island, which hopes to be taken into account more with the new administration.

Analysts stressed this Thursday that Puerto Rico gained visibility with the arrival of the new administration, a sign that the island can advance in improving its relations with the United States, especially at the economic level.

The winks to Puerto Rico, in a ceremony calculated to the millimeter, were not lacking in the acts that mark the arrival of the Democrats in Washington, which analysts interpret as a message of support for the Commonwealth.

The striking pearl necklace worn by the Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris, was designed by the Puerto Rican of origin, Wilfredo Rosado.

Island media pointed out this Thursday that the pearls that the vice president showed also have a special meaning for Harris when referring to his affiliation to the Alpha Kappa Alpha society, the first of its kind for African Americans, founded in 1908 and for which these jewels represent refinement.

Honored for wearing your jewelry

Rosado took to social media to underline that he feels honored that the first female vice president of the United States turned to one of his jobs for such an important moment.

Another woman, of Puerto Rican origin also by her parents, who had a prominent role in the events was the singer and actress Jennifer Lopez, who spoke in Spanish at the investiture ceremony of Joe Biden.

“One nation, under one God, indivisible, with freedom and justice for all”, recited J-Lo at the end of his performance, in which he performed “This Land Is Your Land” (“This land is your land”).

Thus, López included, for the first time, Spanish in this highly important ceremony in the United States.

Relevance of Sotomayor

The relevance of Sonia Sotomayor, the country’s first Latina Supreme Court judge, to whom Vice President Harris was sworn in, cannot be forgotten either.

Sotomayor, who is the daughter of Puerto Rican parents, by attending Harris’s inauguration became the first woman to take part in this moment in the US presidential inauguration.

These details, for analysts with calculated messages, are added to a series of Biden proposals for Puerto Rico that suggest that the relationship with the island will improve.

Biden had already proposed including island residents in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), accelerating the disbursement of federal funds for recovery after hurricanes and earthquakes, as well as auditing the high public debt.

New Puerto Rican Secretary of Education

Biden announced a month ago his intention to name the Puerto Rican Miguel Cardona – Connecticut Commissioner of Education – as the next US Secretary of Education.

Jorge Schmidt, Professor of Political Science at the University of Puerto Rico (UPR), pointed out that he does not doubt that the arrival of Biden to the presidency of the United States will mean that the order of the disbursement of billions of federal dollars that were “trapped ”In Washington because of the policy of Donald Trump.

Schmidt stressed that, without a doubt, the chain of appointments that Biden’s arrival will entail will help the flow of money to Puerto Rico.

Regarding the possibility that Biden favors the full annexation of Puerto Rico to the United States, he had his reservations and said that although the new president has publicly been in favor of the island being fully integrated, his position is more of a cliché.

“I do not see movement in that line, because there are long-term interests in the United States that agree to continue treating Puerto Rico as a colony”, he stressed.

Emilio Pantojas, a researcher at the Center for Social Research and Professor of Sociology at the University of Puerto Rico, said that the arrival of Biden to the White House opens a new scenario.

He recalled that the Democrats have had a special interest in favoring Puerto Rico for many decades.

He said that neither can it be overlooked that Biden has reiterated for the island’s political status that equality with the rest of the United States can only be achieved with annexation, although to clarify that this step can only be achieved if it does. democratically determined by Puerto Ricans.

Pantojas maintained that Puerto Rico has always been a territory more favorable to the Democrats, so that if it were to annex it could mean two more senators for Biden’s party.

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