June 19, 2021

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They attack a man with a blunt object in Peñuelas

PEÑUELAS – A serious assault was reported, events that occurred in the La Moca sector of the Tallaboa Alta neighborhood in Peñuelas.

It was reported that Mr. David González Lugo, 51, was interviewed, who alleged that while he was on Lago Street on the premises of Parcel 395, several people, using a blunt object, attacked him in different parts of the body.

He was transported by Paramedics from State Medical Emergencies to the Metropolitan Hospital of Yauco, where he was treated by Doctor Yamil Carlo who took several stitches in the area of ​​the head and left side of the face (eyebrow), being left under observation.

The complaint was investigated by agent Agdel Maldonado from the Peñuelas District and who will inform the Ponce Area Investigation Corps.

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