July 29, 2021

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They attack a police officer with a bottle

Several people aggressively approached and one of them attacked the agent’s head with a bottle

Photo: Visualhunt

Yabucoa – An attack against a police officer was reported at around 10:50 on Sunday night, in the Los Paganes sector of the Camino Nuevo neighborhood in Yabucoa, the Uniformed reported.
The incident was in the middle of a vehicular intervention for violation of executive order 2020-066 and drunkenness.

In the middle of the intervention, several people aggressively approached and one of them attacked an agent assigned to the Humacao Tactical Operations Division with a bottle on the head.

The individual is in the custody of the Police at the Humacao Command.

The agent who was beaten was identified as Edgard Pérez, who received medical assistance at the Yabucoa Mennonite Hospital.

His condition is stable.

Sergeant Carlos Sánchez and agent Daniel Rosa, from the Humacao Criminal Investigation Corps, took charge of the investigation of the attack on Pérez.

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