July 29, 2021

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They beat a subject who had an arrest warrant for beating his pregnant partner

He was attacked by several individuals who were carrying firearms

sea ​​cow – A man who had an arrest warrant for allegedly beating his pregnant partner was attacked in the early hours of Saturday, in the Campo Alegre residential area in Manatí.

According to the Police, Luis Pérez Rivera, 32, alleged that he was attacked in different parts of the body by several individuals who were carrying firearms.

He was taken to the Hospital Doctor Center in Manatí, where several stitches were taken in the area of ​​his face.

The authorities realized that Pérez Rivera had an arrest warrant in absentia for domestic violence (aggravated abuse against a pregnant woman), with a bond of 100,000 dollars, issued by Judge Rafael Lugo Morales, of the Arecibo Court.

The alleged incident occurred on January 20, 2020 in Quebradillas.

Pérez Rivera, was arrested and taken before Judge Francisco Santiago, of the Arecibo Court. He was admitted to the Bayamón prison, until the preliminary hearing.

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